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Fitch Solutions Industry Research provides complete global coverage of 22 industries. Find out how and where your business risks are most concentrated. And discover the potential for investment opportunities.

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The New Normal: Reshaping Industries


The New Normal: How Covid-19 Is Influencing Consumer Trends

The Covid-19 pandemic will drastically impact consumer behaviour and spending patterns both in the short and longer term. We have been tracking the impact at a country-by-country level and also noting the wider trends that are emerging. In this new special report. we look not only at the short term impact on the consumer sector, but explore the impact of the pandemic on the four key trends that have defined consumer and retail developments and investments globally in recent years. Will these trends be accelerated, paused or setback by the Covid-19 pandemic?

Industry Research: The Advantages

  • Daily views – keep up-to-date with bespoke daily email alerts on the emerging trends, risks and opportunities
  • Reports and strategic content – get in-depth quarterly country reports, with detailed and actionable analysis based on our macroeconomic and sector-specific forecasts and 10-year and 5-year industry forecasts
  • Data and forecasting – quickly and easily identify growth areas with access to regularly updated information on developed, emerging and frontier markets
  • Competitor intelligence – view company profiles, strategies and financials for key players in each sector
  • Analyst interaction –speak directly with our sector specialists behind the research for insights and advice

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FitchIndustry Researchis just one part of thejigsaw puzzlein making an informed investment decision. Fitch Solutions offers credit ratings, commentary and analytics to give you further specialized context and insights.

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We look at how geopolitical risks, policies, regulations, market trends and technology will shape the future of each sector, and provide robust forecasts for key industry and macroeconomic indicators.

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OurIndustry Researchsector experts have a proven track record in monitoring developments, identifying trends and uncovering the latest business strategies in each vertical.

We analyze the threats and opportunities across each sector and provide insightful and systematic competitive intelligence to help you make the right business and investment decisions.

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